Water Treatment Chemicals CAS7783-20-2 High Purity

  • Water Treatment Chemicals CAS7783-20-2 High Purity
  • Water Treatment Chemicals CAS7783-20-2 High Purity
  • ShanDong
  • ISO,CE
  • <>CAS7783-20-2
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  • $150.00-$1,800.00/ Ton
  • D/P,Western Union
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Coconut shell activated carbon can be used for liquid adsorptive except toxic gases, benzene adsorption odor, gas phase adsorption, can be used for water impurity in addition to taste, industrial water coconut shell activated carbon decoloring decontamination, electroplating wastewater coconut shell activated carbon in addition to harm ion coconut shell activated carbon, the high quality special filter material, drink pure water filter coconut shell activated carbon, fine food special high quality coconut shell activated carbon particles, water purification and electronic preparation, activated carbon filter material to remove the water of the residual chlorine, phenol of chlorine and organic impurity, reduces the water's COD, ensure outlet water quality.

Coconut shell activated carbon is using high quality coconut shells as raw material, adopting physical method refined but become. Has the specific surface area, high strength, particle size uniform, the pore structure developed, adsorption performance day strong etc. Characteristics.

Coconut shell activated carbon is used for drinking water purification, the chloride, remove algae, oxygen, and catalytic carrier, used for carbon plasma law to extract gold and other precious metals extraction in effect one of the best activated carbon, also can be used for water purifiers and trust in the core, water purification equipment padding.


1. High mechanic strength, hardness
2. Low ash and moisture
3. Large specific surface area & well-developed porosity
4. Chemical stability & work well for air and vapor purification, water resolvent
5. Super adsorption capacity and efficiency

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