Well Balanced Chemical Dissolver and Dosing System for Excretion Sewage

  • Well Balanced Chemical Dissolver and Dosing System for Excretion Sewage
  • Well Balanced Chemical Dissolver and Dosing System for Excretion Sewage
  • ShanDong
  • ISO,CE
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  • $6,798.00-$7,366.00/ Set
  • D/A,Western Union
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Product description

Item Wellblue hydrogen water filter Other hydrogen maker
Power No electricity Electricity power is necessary
Principle Physical filtration Electrolysis
Filter function High filter precision(0.01micron) No filter function, only could produce hydrogen water
Feed water resource Tap water Pure water
Working time Instantly, just need to open the faucet It will take about at least 10 minutes
Usage 2-way faucet Only for drinking
One side is for purified water which is suitable for washing vegetables& fruits, cooking and so on.
Another is for drinking, coffee
Others The filtered water is more healthy, tastes good Possibly release chlorine in the water, harmful
Purchasing cost Cheap Expensive

Product characteristics:
1. Clear and to prevent pipe scale and rust build
2. Environmental pollution does not use chemicals
3. Not energy, long lifespan for effective running.
4. No expert management of low maintenance costs
5. Small, simple and quick installation
6. Process to achieve zero emissions, save a lot of water
7. Improve the system heat transfer efficiency, energy saving (15% -30%)
8. Descaling process can produce hydrogen peroxide and reduce bacteria content in water

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