Mbr Intergartion Water Treatment Equipment as Pretreatment

  • Mbr Intergartion Water Treatment Equipment as Pretreatment
  • Mbr Intergartion Water Treatment Equipment as Pretreatment
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  • ISO,CE
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  • $220.00-$280.00/ Ton
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Product Paramenters

Indicator name



Alumina (Al2O3 ) mass fraction/%≥





Density (20℃)/(g/cm3) >=



Mass fraction of insoluble substance/%≤



PH value (10g/L aqueous solution)


The mass fraction of arsenic (As) is%


The mass fraction of lead (Pb) is% ≤


The mass fraction of cadmium (Cd) is% ≤


Mass fraction of mercury (Hg)% ≤


The mass fraction of hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) is% ≤


Note: The indexes of As, Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr +6and insoluble substances listed in the table for liquid products are calculated at 10%
of AL2O3,with AL2O3 content ≥10%, should be converted into AL according to the actual content. 10% product ratio to calculate
various impurity indexes.

Our Services
1,Provide free sample for test and evaluation.
2,Packing with pallet as buyer's special request
3,Fast delivery and good customer service
4,Provide guidance and technical consulting services for the use of polyaluminum chloride.
5,High quality and Competitive price.
6,Delivery timely.


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