Textile Chemicals Water Decoloring Agent

  • Textile Chemicals Water Decoloring Agent
  • Textile Chemicals Water Decoloring Agent
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Product Description:

Decolourizing agent General properties
-- Appearance: colourless transparent viscous liquid
-- Ionicity: cationic
-- 10%pH: 6-7
-- Solubility: stable to alkali,acid hard water and electrolyte

Decolourizing agent  Properties and fields of application
1.Dilute the decolourizing agent YE with water by 20-40 times.
2.Add the diluted liquor in pipes before the pumps or reactor after the pumps.Make sure the decolourizing agent is completely dissolved.

Decolourizing agent Notices
--Please test with sample before use.
--When application,please combine with your equipment and textile categories to optimize the experiment ,and then select the best technology.
--Please perform compatibility test when using this product with other softener or anxiliaries.

 * Stronger decolorization (50%~99%) and removal of COD (50%~80%).
 * Used to de-color high-colority effluent from dyestuffs plants. High performance to treat wastewater with Reactive, Acid,
Disperse, Direct Dyestuff etc. (Soluble and Insoluble dyestuffs). 
 * Used to treat wastewater from textile and dyeing industry, pigment industry, printing ink industry and paper industry.
 * Used as retention agent in the paper & pulp processing.
 * Faster sedimentation, better flocculation.
 * Non-pollution (no aluminum, chlorine, heavy metal ions etc.).Less sludge produced than other inorganic coagulants.

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Indian J Tuberc. 2012 Oct;59(4):219-23. Equivalence of acid alone or acid-alcohol as decolourizing agent in Ziehl-Neelsen method. Sekar MG(1), Rehman F, 

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