Special Resin for Purification of Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Special Resin for Purification of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Special Resin for Purification of Hydrogen Peroxide
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  • ISO,CE
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  • $400.00-$650.00/ Metric Ton
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Product Description

Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of environmentally conscious product. Its production adopts anthraquinone palladium catalyst fixed bed hydrogenation process which includes below parts: hydrogenation, oxidation, extraction and purification, post-treatment, makeup, and concentration.

In the presence of the Pd catalyst, the alkyl anthraquinone dissolved in the organic solvent is hydrogenated to produce the alkyl anthrax-hydroquinone, which is oxidized to get the hydrogen peroxide under given reaction conditions eventually. Meanwhile, the alkyl anthrax-hydroquinone is converted into alkyl anthraquinone and the stream of working solution contained H2O2. The resulting stream of working solution is fed to the extraction column for extraction by using deminaralized water as extracting agent in a counter-current flow to produce H2O2, which is purified to form the finished product-H2O2 and it will be delivered to the storage tank. The solution of alkyl anthraquinone after treatment returns to the hydrogenation section for reuse.

Product features

1. Exclusively adopt the high-accuracy hydrogen peroxide injection system

2,The exclusive purification technology of sterilizing agent, the concentration of which exceeds 95% after purification

3. Linear actuator overhead door equipped with infrared control security system

4. The imported original components are adopted as the core parts to secure low failure rate

5. The great user-friendly man-machine interaction interface can show the procedure parameters in the whole course and thus achieve convenient and flexible control

6. The sterilization records can be printed and stored in large capacity which can be transferred and stored in real time

7. Connected to single-phase 380V, which facilitates installation and use and requires no external pipelines or fanning treatment system

8. The products after sterilization are a small number of oxygen and water and are completely harmless to human body and the environment

9. The manufacturing technique used in the Chinese Attack Helicopter 10 is adopted for the sterilization warehouse

10. The sterilization craft does no harm to the instruments, which prolongs the service life of the instruments as well as lowers the maintenance costs

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