RO Machine Tap Water Purifier Alkaline Water Desalinator

  • RO Machine Tap Water Purifier Alkaline Water Desalinator
  • RO Machine Tap Water Purifier Alkaline Water Desalinator
  • ShanDong
  • INA
  • ISO,CE
  • Negotiation
  • $1,000.00-$2,200.00/ Ton
  • D/A,MoneyGram
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Product Description

This product is a strong oxidant, which can effectively kill pathogens (bacteria, viruses, infectious diseases in the water and live bait, etc.), control of pathogenic microorganisms and dissemination, prevent of the incidence and prevalence of infectious diseases in water.

1.Mainly used as disinfection, mildew proofing and deodorizing of the facilities, pipes, vessels, instruments and space of food processing enterprises, water treatment factory, pharmaceutical factory, brewery and hospitals, as well as dishware, textile,
instruments and water in restaurants.
2.Ideal for using in industrial water circulation, petroleum exploration, etc.
3.Used in sterilizing central air conditioning.
4.Used for process drinking water when disaster occur


  Q1. How about the sample?
We can provide sample free and freight charges is collected.
 Q2. What is your MOQ?
Our product MOQ is 10kg
 Q3. What kind of package will use?
25kg/bag, 500kg/bigbag, 25kg / kraft paper bag 
 Q4. What is the delivery time?
We usually deliver the cargos within 10~20 days after receiving customer's prepayment and original LC.
 Q5. Could you give me a discount?
Yes, we can have a negotiation
 Q6. Could you give me a suggestion according to the information we described?
Of course,it is our mission to offer you professional service.
 Q7. What is shipping way?
By sea,by air,by train
 Q8. What is the type of your company?
We are manufacture and trading company.

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