High Pressure Mechanical Filter Tank for Water Treatment Plant

  • High Pressure Mechanical Filter Tank for Water Treatment Plant
  • High Pressure Mechanical Filter Tank for Water Treatment Plant
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1. UV sterilizers use the 304# stainless steel inside and outside.

2.The main internal and external are polished to enhance the UV irradiance

Assembling with the high purity quartz tube, matching with the appropriation UV lamp tube for water treatment, sterilization strong, long time, stable and reliable operation, it’s bactericidal efficiency is more than 99%.

3.Lifetime is more than 8000 hours.

4.Widely applied in medicine, food, drink, life, life and electronics and other fields.


*Water flow rate: 0.1-500 ton/hr which can meet with different water capacities.

*Warranty: 10 years warranty for stainless steel housing, other components are 1 year.

*Material: Use SS304 or SS316L material for reaction chamber, combined with full-automatic welding. All connections are smoothly without any corner;

*Chamber: Internal & external polishing mirror chamber with high brightness for greatly improved UV intensity and clean effect.

*Thickness: The thickening design of chamber which is strictly tested air & water pressure before shipping. It can withstand 0.8 Mpa, and fully prevents from water leakage.

*Lamp: Use imported low-pressure but high-strength mercury lamp, which has 9000-13000 hrs service life(Max); assorted with high-efficiency electron ballast, it improves product service life and effect, so that the sterilizing rate up to 99.99%.

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