Use of Chlorine in Water Purification

What is Chlorination? — Safe Drinking Water FoundationJan 23, 2017 - Each point of chlorine application will subsequently control a different water contaminant concern, thus offering a complete spectrum of treatment Chlorination of Drinking Water - Water Research CenterWhen combined with filtration, chlorination is an excellent way to disinfect  "use up" chlorine and comprise the chlorine demand of the treatment system
Types of Chlorine Used in Water Treatment – Pure WaterThe most common use of chlorine in water treatment is to disinfect water. As a disinfectant, it has drawbacks, but it also has advantages. Other methods of Disinfection with Chlorine | Public Water Systems | DrinkingEducation and information about water treatment, community water treatment,  home water treatment, point-of-entry, point-of-use, filtration, water softeners, Description of the Process - Chlorinated Drinking-WaterRegular use in water treatment began around the beginning of the twentieth century. Probably, the first continuous application was in 1902 at Middelkerke, Chlorination | Water Purification | Chlorine - WaterProfessionalsChlorination involves adding a measured amount of chlorine to water to  filtration for better organic removal and use of ammonia together with chlorine to chlorine as disinfectant for water - LenntechChlorine is one of the most commonly used disinfectants for water disinfection.  The mercury cell-methode uses one mercury electrode, causing the reaction  chlorine gas is only used for large municipal and industrial water purification